Bridie is a Kinesiologist, Wellbeing Educator, and Spinal Energetics Practitioner.

She is also a Secondary School Teacher, Yoga Teacher and has gone on to be a Mentor and educator in many areas of Well Being.

Bridie works closely with families and individuals. She supports the whole life journey, from conception, pregnancy, and IVF support. To becoming a parent, and working extensively with children and teens to assist their health and emotional well-being in the classroom and at home, and socially. She also supports women reconnect with themselves at all the different life stages. Finding their soul path and living a heart centred life.

She wanted to help people live in optimal heatlh, physically, emotionally and relationry. This is what lead her to study and practice Kinesiology, Mind Body Medicine and Spinal Energetics.

Bridie feels her intuition deeply and allows this inner knowing and the science of wellbeing, to guide the session to have the best outcome for the client.

She works intricately with the connection between the mind and body and can help you unravel any areas in your life where you have been feeling stuck.

Sessions by appointment only