Why Crystals?

Crystals are sourced from nature and they contain certain minerals. We as humans are also made up of minerals. To use a crystal (the purest form of minerals) on the human body, can realign our own mineral composition bringing our body and mind into optimal health.

Colour Therapy is also a component of crystals. Colour is deeply healing and soothing. Each crystal is made up of different colours that emit frequencies that interact with our body when we hold them or have them in our home or workplace. Coloured crystals are aesthetically appealing and hold a resonance that rebalances the body, mind, and soul.

Holding crystal is a very soothing, tactile experience. Each one has a different texture, shape, and structure. Interacting with the different structures of crystals can have a positive healing effect on our own internal structure and the way we feel in our everyday lives.

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