Kinesiology Session

1.5 hours session one on one session: In a Kinesiology session I use muscle monitoring to find the source of the imbalance within your body. We will explore the link between your emotional beliefs and physical dis-ease in your body. We will then work through a series of gentle processes to clear the negative belief or feeling in your body. This will enable you to move through any blocks that have been holding you back from living your best life. I can also support you to explore and implement wellbeing practices into your everyday life.

3 Session Package

3 x 1.5hours kinesiology sessions at Liebe Wellness or Online


Saving of 60 dollars

Tween Kinesiology and Wellbeing

1-hour session: Kinesiology, meditation and wellbeing: 9-13: This age can be an awkward time for some kids. Their bodies are changing, as are their friendship groups, and starting high school is a big change as well. Kinesiology and wellbeing tools can support children to go through these life changes with flow, ease and confidence. A kinesiology session can support to child to overcome their issues and concerns in a supportive a gentle environment.

Kids Kinesiology and Well Being

45-minute session 0-8: Kinesiology, meditation and wellbeing

Kinesiology has a positive impact on the physical and emotional health of children. It can help with learning issues, anxiety, stress, self-esteem and general wellbeing. A kid’s session will include a kinesiology balance and tools like meditation and journaling, that can be used at home to support the child’s wellbeing.

Parent and Child Kinesiology

1.5 hour session Working with Parent and Child or Tween. Part of the session may be solely for the child (30mins) and the next hour for the parent about the associated issue.

Connections and relationships in the family unit are of paramount importance. If our children feel misaligned, we often feel it to. These sessions are for you and your child to work through any issues or big feelings together, taking the stress and disharmony out of the dynamic, and within your child’s and your body, so everyone feel at ease again.

Crystal Kinesiology Session

1.5 hours session: Crystals are a powerful tool to use in a Kinesiology Session. The energy of the crystals helps the client to realign into ease and flow in a subtle yet powerful way. In this session I will use muscle monitoring to choose the appropriate crystals for you to work with and we will explore the deeper meaning and healing energy of each crystal, and why that crystal has chosen you. These sessions will also include a chakra realignment. Each client will also be given their own personalised 10ml crystal and essential oil anecdote bottle to work with at home.