Why Self Care Products?

The practice or ritual of using natural, organic self-care products is a very restorative practice. I have created a variety of products that will remind you to prioritise your wellbeing, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Applying a crystal infused essential oil connects us to our emotions, soothing and supporting our wellbeing.

Using bath salts detoxifies the body and calms the nervous system. Essential oils in a bath are absorbed through skin and also through inhalation, submerged in a bath with the particular essences will ease emotional stress.

Using a magnesium ‘Relax Me’ roller, applied at night will calm the nervous system, balance emotions and encourage a good night’s sleep.

Wearing a deodorant with no nasties that also has the therapeutic benefits of magnesium, essential oils and crystals is an extension of your thoughtful, organic, self-care rituals.

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